Friday, November 30, 2007

BB video

of me is now at mango's blog, he surprised me with it. here is the link:

today mango fasted and i drank some watermelon, ate few apricots, yummy cherries, avos, and tomatoes.

mango have sore back since last night. so he is less active. he was drawing some cute pictures, and we also made up fruitarian song each, and it was fun.

i went pay some bill and i got cherries paw paw and avos on the way as well. all by myself, and i missed sweet mango.

life with sweet mango and sweet fruit is wanderful


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Thursday, November 29, 2007


last night, only few hours ago mango did finish video for my audition to big brother tv show. i felt i should do it, so i did. it was fun making the video. mango is great with camera and directing. he cut and made up 1:45 min video.  he is very helpful and clever, he just look in to video editing few weeks ago for few days.

yesterday we shared blended watermelon, and bit later opened durian were enjoyed by few worms. so we got in the shop and mango exchanged for good one and they told him to keep the worm one. we also got on the way some big paw paws, apricots and avos.

so we had durian on the beach. yeah, fruitarian fun under the sun! sun busking & swimming/twice, ocean is warming up. oh, the delicious sun was hot. durian was heavenly...

after beach we shared blended watermelon and later some avos tomato cucumber, much later we ate the worm durian, hmmm, very yummy one.

happy me
happy fruitling me. by mango

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


fruit is so amazing, so perfect in my eyes. every day i feel blessed to have such perfect food for me in my life. i was always in love with fruit. to my big surprise fruit gave lots of love to me.

yes, in last few days:

 me and mango shared yummy fruits; one watermelon blended daily, magic durian daily, few small cucumbers, some tomatoes and avos, today longan very very yummy to all fruits, durian is the winer. durian is always very unique experience...and magic..

twice i had fun painting picture of forest, i felt like happy child and i had some happy & sweet childhood memories and visions of me painting.

mango visited beach once, only because weather was not so hot. not so sunny. and there were some great showers. garden is happy.

me and mango are looking forward to living on fruity land in tropics.

growing durians, and all our favorite fruit. yum.

bondi cliffs

me near the bondi cliffs /recently/

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

the moon

oh, yes i love the moon.  i can see him from the window, big and not far from horizon. and always beautiful, always different, always magic.

so is mighty fruit. there is some difference, some fruit can be very yucky! such fruit me & mango leave for garden..our garden love our fruit compost, mango is enjoying  bury  our  100%  fruit  compost in garden daily.

yesterday morning phone interrupted my sleep. it was cloudy and when i look out of bedroom window i was bit upset when i noticed that hibiscus is missing. i was very attached to it, i loved it's color, and that is why i picked tiny twig to grow my own. i love plants and i am very deeply attached to them.

me and mango shared blended watermelon and soon after we went for fruit. we got 3 magic durians, some avos, dates from emirates.
back in shoebox, we enjoyed very special durian, so so so yummy! heavenly! yum, yum, yummy yum, i love king of fruit, sweet durian...

job interview, me & mango

on the way there was still cloudy and raining, on the way back was sunny.

i went visit friend.

i shared yummy paw paw with sweet mango, heaps of them. we have to give some of them to our garden, they got moldy before they were ripe. later on some yummy avos.

me and mango had peaceful relaxing and happy day.

we also drank almost all watermelon, throughout a day.

tonight mango thought me some more about how to create my fruity website.

with sweet fruit and sweet mango every day is beautiful.


today i woke up to glorious sunny morning. soon after mango invited me to join him in the sunny garden. we had fun, working.

then we drank watermelon, soon after we shared very tasty durian in bed...and much later i went see friend.

when i returned me and mango shared some avo, dates, cherimoya, mangoes, tomatoes, i had one tiny cucumber. throughout the rest of the day & night.

i am very grateful for having sweet mango & sweet fruit in my life.

sunny fruitful happy day.

life is beautiful.
bondi cliffs
bondi cliffs on the cloudy day

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Friday, November 23, 2007

10 watermelons

yeah, there are 10 big watermelons waiting to be drank by me and mango. we got them only for 30 cents kg.

today mango enjoyed his fasting friday day, and i was enjoying watermelon drinks made for me by sweet mango. he take all seeds out before he blend the fruit. i also had big sweet & yummy paw paw as is, 2 avos, 2 small cucumbers and 3 tomatoes.

it was cold sunny cloudy day, so i spend all morning in bed reading and after first blended watermelon drink i was euphoric singing what ever come to me, later on i was singing out the text of psychology book i was reading.

around 11am i drop the book and i was sleeping for short time and soon after i jumped in to relaxing hot bath followed by refreshing and euphoric cold shower.

mango had fun with spaceship and garden.

rest of the day and night we spend together. we had lovely relaxing and peaceful day.

someone took away citrus tree we replanted few days ago along with some other ones,  so at 5pm we replaced the lost citrus tree with an apple tree.

last night i rang and spoke with my sweet mum. she look at me and mango in to her cards and she gave me very good reading. all positive. we also had long and great chat.
sweet mango and paw paw
sweet mango & sweet paw paw...yum!

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

sweet fruit

oh, i love sweet fruit.

yesterday was yummy sunny & beach day. ocean was cold, so there was less swimming for me and mango. mango jumped in ocean 3times me twice

on the sunny beach we shared one very yummy magic durian, and later on 2 paw paw and we massaged skins in to our skins.

we had awesome time as always

i was so energized  when was leaving beach i felt like i am floating, walking in the quick sand was so easy and fun!

before beach we visited some fruitshops and we got lots of red paw paw, 2watermelons, cherimoya, 3durians, try of mangoes,avos, cucumbers, tomatoes,

before frutshops, mango drank orange juice 5dl, and me orange one grapefruit juice 5dl. soon after 1/2 avo each.

later on after beach, we shared lots of very sweet and yummy red paw paw. on and of. oh, i love red paw paw, i could easily live on them for few had some mangoes and i had 2 small cucumbers.


today was cloudy day with tiny showers. recently replanted fruit trees just love it.

me and mango shared one blended watermelon. we had about 4 drinks each. last one at 4pm. later on we had some avo, later cherimoya, later 2mangoes each, later magic durian, yum!

today i spend some learning time in my spaceship, mango was very helpful.

i went in the bank and mango in the shop/getting some spaceship stuff/, on the way back to car we met on light crossing each on other side of road.

oh, i love sweet fruit.

fruitarian life is beautiful.

fruit & love by me

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

walking & swimming

yesterday was sunny day,  i was walking bare foot, to meet mango in the little bay. he left bit ahead me, i was walking slowly, enjoying hot sun and the view, the best is when little bay appears and even better when i see mango walking along the shore...

we  had very nice  relaxing time on the beach, and we went for swim 3 times. ocean was so beautiful and clean, i am so thankful for such special place so near by.

before beach we drank blended watermelon 5dl each. yum!

on the beach we shared 3 oranges as is /i was spiting the pulp/

after beach few more watermelon juices,  later on 5 pealed and grated apples,

i had very beautiful day, happy and relaxing.


today i spend most of the day visiting friend. before i left i had orange & grapefruit juice 5dl. after 4pm i shared with sweet mango 2 not big enough red paw paws they were just heavenly. bit later on 1/2 avo each, 2 tomatoes only me, later on one avo each, later mango had orange and me peeled ya pear.

around 5pm me and mango replant hibiscus, avo tree, nectarine tree and citrus tree from our garden in the middle of big front grass area. we had lot of fun. tomorrow suppose to rain.

i am spending very little time in cyber space.

life is beautiful

durian tree

mango's "durian tree" created from durians we shared near by

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

2 watermelons

today me and mango shared 2 watermelons. we drank them. and 1/2 avo each, later on we shared 3 mangoes. yum. yum. yum. we wanted share grapefruit, only mango had about 3/4as i could not eat it. it was too sour for me. even if i want i am not able to eat sour fruit, if i try muscles of my mouth naturally reject it. i do not have control over it.

we had very beautiful giggly and peaceful day. 

i am almost free from detox. i feel so much better.

baby tomatoe from garden

baby tomato  one of seven mango replanted in the our garden from balcony pot, we did not plant them, they come as surprise.

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

durians & lemons

thursday was 2 durian day. usually me and mango share one durian almost daily, but at times, we have 2 durian day. we love to share magic durian.

i skiped beach, i was little bit sunburned on my face and chest. from swimming on my back too much. but i cannot help it i love it.

i enjoyed very shooting lemon bath. my skin felt amazing. i washed my hair first with freshly made lemon juice and then i dived under water. i usually feel like seahorse...

i wash/massage with cotton washer from head to toe

after hot bath with lemon juice i had cold shower. it always give me euphoric buzz...yum!

i had lovely relaxing lazy was sunny mango had few swims and relaxing time on the hot sun...

all day was fruity...huge paw paw and some avos cucumbers and tomatoes.

next day was friday and mango was fasting.

i was drinking all day blended watermelon. and i had twice some avo, tomato and cucumber.

i was feeling bit down the whole day, but peaceful, and i had nice sleep later on in the day...

mango is having great time in the garden, growing some yummy tomatoes, they just come out in some pots on the balcony...he made them lovely place they are surrounded by seaweed and hay...

today i spend most of the day with friend.

before i left mango made for us very delicious breakfast. he blended mango and paw paw. oh, yum, yum, yum. we had 7dl each. 9:30am

my next fruit was at 4pm.  i had 2 avocados and 2 very small cucumbers.  later on half of very yummy paw paw and bit later 2 very yummy mangoes.

i love my fruitful life. sharing sweet fruit with sweet mango is sweet.

flower by mango

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

yesterday was a beach day

yeah, i love beach. yesterday i woke up at 12 pm. soon after i had mango blended in orange juice 5dl, all made from raw fresh fruit by sweet mango. only bit later we were on beach. water was calm..and soooo blue...

we just relaxed on the hot sun for while and then me and mango shared very yummy durian and after we massaged some durian fat from the skin on our skin. ten minutes later we were swimming. oh,  i  love  swimming.  and  floating.  ocean  is  still  bit  cold  for  me  so  there  is  not  much  floating,  but  to  keep  warm  so i can stay longer in water i swim with full strength. i noticed i am better than last swimming season.  my body still benefit from it. i always miss swimming days in winter, and i am looking forward living in hot tropics, so i can swim every day.

i felt so great after my first swim and  i got soon after giggles from it. joyful, i was relaxing on the sun, yum,yummy, yum...

bit later sweet mango and me shared big paw paw, yum, and then we massaged juices from the skin in to our skin. later on we went for second swim. after i was even more euphoric and i that just come up in my spirit. i was in to me unknown language.

when me and mango were very hot again from the very hot sun, we went for third swim. soon after we left the magic beach. i love walking in soft very find sand, today when i was walking from the beach i felt like i am flying.

i love to be fruitarian. i would not feel the same on any other food. i love fruit and fruit love me back.

i love fruit and i love beach days. it is great to be in love...

city man

city man by mango

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

sunny fruitful day

today was lovely sunny fruitful day.  sweet mango helped me to start my fruity journal. i am in love with fruit and with sweet mango.

you can find him here:

me & mango we are long term fruitarians and we love to share yummy fruits.

the city ibis by sweet mango


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